A clockwork Angel sings a song of woe.



High Concept

A Clockwork Angel
Angel is a golem designed to look, feel and act like a cherubic young lady, a replacement for a girl Angel was constructed from a corpse. She realizes that this is deeply disturbing, and is always very careful about her skin. Her appearance, however, makes her approachable and attractive, two things that she finds quite enjoyable about her existence.


Angel, as a golem with the mind and appearance of a human, finds it challenging to acknowledge herself as human, believing that her mind and actions are nothing more the clockwork of heart. Still, her pre-programmed systems make her intrinsically care, feel, and act as a human, making it extremely difficult for Angel fully self-identify

Other Aspects

Innocent Prisoner

*An *
Angel does not know her own age, having been locked away for ages. For all she knows, she could be a thousand years old. As a result, the Golem frequently attempts to find answers. Because her time spent locked away in the libraries of her crumbling prison, Angel has a deep understanding of lore and science.


+4 Lore
+3 Crafts Physique
+2 Will Empathy stealth
+1 Rapport Athletics Resources Fighting


“I’ve read about that!”
With Angel’s time locked in her creator’s library, her knowledge on Lore, Mythology, Magic and Alchemy have levels of depth no mortal could perceive- or at least, no human. Angel does not have many examples to compare to, but she does have an extensive knowledge of mythical landmarks, creatures and ancient arts.

“Tough as a



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