Dovan Fel

Sadistic Murderer and Rapist


Lieutenant of the Stag Lord
Dovan is the second highest ranked member of the Stag Lord’s bandits according to Kressle, he used to be the Stag Lord’s right hand until Akiros took that position from him.

A Work of Sadistic Art
According to Kressle, Dovan takes great pride in torture and his ability to inflict pain on his victims both mentally and physically.

Tattooed in Blood and Ink
Taldeer has seen in visions that Dovan’s past was horrifying and violent, growing up in a brothel that specialized in mixing sexual fantasies with murder.

Soot Upon the Souls of the Innocent
Dovan is highly adept at corrupting women, deriving a perverse thrill from turning chaste or pure women into depraved lust fueled whores. Something which according to Kressle he has already done on more than one occasion, breaking women for the enjoyment of the bandits.


Dovan Fel

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