Gavril Valkovich Vasilov



High Concept: Professor of Transmutative Biologies
Changing yourself – truly changing yourself, not just… eyeballing it and settling for “good enough” for a few moments, isn’t just magic, you know. It’s a science first, art second, and form of magic third. It requires years of study, incredible attention to details… and a sense of proper aesthetics, naturally. As for the magic part… well, it doesn’t take that much power.

Trouble: “Forest? What Forest?”
Just look at all these impressive trees!
It’s sometimes hard to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, when the details are so fascinating. For Gavril, his gift of analysis is somewhat of a curse at times, precisely for that reason. Whether it’s failing to notice the simple solution in the process of analyzing every meaning of a riddle that comes to mind or stopping to wonder at the peculiar pattern of scales on a drake and somehow remaining oblivious to the fact it’s attempting to bite off your head… it’s happened before, it will happen again.

Aspect – Ambition: The Search for Perfection
For a certain definition of perfection. A definition that involves having no idea whatsoever what perfection would be. Well, if something is perfect, then surely it will be obvious when you see it, right? Worst case scenario, keep trying, and eventually you’ll get there – even if it’s by accident. It worked for Irori, after all.

Aspect – Misc: Master of Academia, Amateur of Magic
Long periods of diligent study, sharing your findings and the ocassional treatise tend to eventually build up quite the reputation in certain circles – and though most lack a use as practical as Gavril’s for all the anatomical knowledge of various beings, they can still appreciate the effort and passion he pours into his scholarly craft. At the same time, it just so happens most of the academics also happen to be well-versed in the magical arts… something that Gavril happens to be awfully lacking in, save for his special branch of transmutation. Still, once you get past all the snickering and condescending tone, you’ll find solid respect for the man’s knowledge.

Aspect – Current Prey: “Owlbear. I simply must examine one of those.”
You would think witnessing such a marvel of magical bio-engineering would be an easy task for someone of Gavril’s skill and knowledge. And you would be right. But a brief glimpse and a thorough examination – perhaps a dissection? – are two very, very different things.


Great (+4): Investigation, Lore
Good (+3): Athletics, Physique
Fair (+2): Contacts, Fighting, Notice
Average (+1): Deceit, Intimidation, Rapport, Will


Academical Specialty
“I happen to be an expert on this subject.”
It’s true. For the purposes of all things biological, Gavril gains a +2 to his effective Lore.

Transmutation Accustomed
“Trust me, I do this all the time.”
Having subjected himself to various transmutations countless times, Gavril can sustain two major changes at once. Not bad at all.

Minor Corrections
“A small change here, a slight adjustment there, and… how do I look?”
Being so adept at normally insignificant changes – such as eye or hair colour – that he can adapt on the fly, Gavril gains +2 on Deceit rolls to impersonate someone.

It’s Elementary
“It’s obvious, really, if you think about it.”
There is more to Gavril than simply biological tidbits and transmutations. His sharp mind allows him to perform truly impressive feats of deduction – meaning that, given the expenditure of a Fate Point, he can create or discover a number of aspects equal to the number of shifts on his Investigation roll (though only one may be invoked for free).


Gavril Valkovich Vasilov

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