Isa Viraj Manujyestha

Cursed psionic brawler, here to kick ass and make cool outfits.



High Concept: Runaway Brawler
Isa is a highly trained martial artist who ran away from her temple in search of adventurer. A headstrong and impetuous woman who believes that most problems can be solved by charging in swinging.
Trouble: Oracle’s Curse
Isa was cursed at a young age by a bitter oracle so that the more she fought against her destined role in society the more she would be shaped to fit it. These effects came in both physical and mental forms, leaving her with a body more suited to attracting men than slaying dragons and a libido that is slowly spiraling out of control as the curse gains strength.

“This path is better, look at all those spikes!”
Isa considers the more exciting option to be the better one in pretty much all circumstances despite how bad an idea it may be. As a result of this she is at her best only when she’s in these dangerous situations
“Fate’s for the broken”
Isa doesn’t believe in fate or prophecy, believing it to be a crutch for those who aren’t strong enough to forge their own destiny. This has left her with a rebellious streak a mile wide and a burning desire to disprove prophecy and overthrow the status quo when it chains people down.
Form over Function
Isa is vain, not massively so but enough that she considers aesthetics to be very important. Raised in Jalmeray where everything is extreme, bright and colourful she considers a things form to be perhaps a little more important than its function. Whilst this gives her a great eye for beauty and a a great sense of taste when it comes to things such as fashion she can be a bit shallow and obsessed with appearance in situations where it’s not relevant.

Spellcasting: Psychic Warrior
Isa is trained in the arts of psionics, specifically those that control the body and the mind rather than the outside world. This is the source of her immense strength and allows her to channel psionic power to enhance herself further and control her body.

Relationship: Pregnant with Motoshi’s Pups
Isa is in a very intense relationship with Motoshi, only having met each other a month and a half ago but they are already unofficially engaged. The most dramatic outcome of this is that Isa is currently heavily pregnant with Motoshi’s pups, the unusal gestation cycle of Kitsune leaving her much larger than expected for someone only a month along. This has left her rather hormonal and potentially mood-swingy, along with the obvious physical complications of pregnancy.


Superb (4) Physique
Great (3) Fight, Provoke and Athletics
Fair (2) Craft, Rapport and Will
Average (1) Lore, Survival, Ride and Empathy


Overwhelming Might
Isa is considerably stronger than she looks, her strength amplified by intense physical training and her psionic powers. Isa gains +2 Physique when attempting to perform actions based on her pure strength.

Isa is very good at breaking things, years of her training involving smashing through wooden blocks, stone tiles and various other inanimate objects. Her training sessions left mountains of shattered training dummies and split punching bags in her wake. Isa gains +2 to Physique checks to break inanimate objects.

Brutal Strikes
Isa’s style involves channeling considerable amounts of psionic power through her fists at the point of impact, giving her already strong attacks a powerful edge. Isa’s Fight attacks with her unarmed strikes are Weapon Rating 2.


Isa Viraj Manujyestha

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