Axe-Wielding Ex-Bandit


George’s Bloody Right Hand
Kressle is now George’s de-facto lieutenant, specializing particularly in tasks that she can solve with her hatchets. After their night together in the woods she is now enamored with the mercenary and will follow him into the jaws of hell if she asks.

Indomitable Survivor
Kressle is generally very strong willed and throughout her life has done many unsavory things to ensure her survival. Her will to survive has gotten her out of an awful lot of seemingly hopeless situations but has left her somewhat paranoid of people around her.

Cruel Exterior
Kressle has rather cruel tendencies that she has developed in response to how she had been treated throughout her life. This has led her to put on a facade of apathy and harshness to make herself seem untouchable and intimidating, she has been doing it so long in fact that some of that facade has become part of her.

Blazing Temper, Doused by Charm
Kressle has a very short fuse and is hard to handle when angry. George and Taldeer have however discovered that despite her temper she is easily placated through shows of affection.



Kressle is, or rather was a career bandit who grew up in the river kingdoms. Never spending more than a week in one spot, banditry was in her blood. From a young age she was already helping her parents steal from travelers and shops as well as roughing up pilgrims for some quick cash. Eventually her family was killed when one of their intended victims turned out to be rather more armed and dangerous than they were expecting. She fled north from Mivon into the Greenbelt, managing to survive through her wits and will until eventually she was overcome and collapsed from exhaustion.

Shortly afterwards she was found by a number of the Stag Lord’s men who captured her for their own pleasure later. When she awoke and two of the men lost hands and fingers to her hatchets their thoughts quickly turned from rape to escape. Kressle stalked the bandits all the way back to their camp, planning to finish the job and take their supplies. Once she reached the fort the Stag Lord was so impressed by her determination and skill that he offered to let her join him, slaying her would-be rapists for their failures and as a show the seriousness of his offer.

A few months later Kressle was promoted to lead the Thorn River Camp up north where she began her operation extorting Oleg and Svetlana until the attack by George and Taldeer. After a bit of convincing she agreed to renounce the Stag Lord and server under George, planning on fleeing or betraying the mercenary at a later opportunity. Unfortunately for her plans, she quickly started to fall for George when she realized that he wasn’t just putting forward a facade.

Current Events

Kressle is now in a relationship with George, technically not a serious one as George has explained that he is destined to marry for political power and as such cannot dedicate to a true relationship. Kressle is still however, clearly interested in more than that even if she knows she can never have it. Kressle has also entered into a relationship with Taldeer, resulting in a rather strange arrangement between the three of them.

Kressle is currently wearing a set of cursed Bracers of Bull’s Strength which she cannot seem to remove. Whilst they do indeed give her increased strength, they have also rather dramatically increased her bust size and given her certain other bovine traits such as small horns, floppy ears and a tail. According to Taldeer’s inspection the curse also carries mental effects but Kressle’s will has seemed to have overpowered it thusfar.


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