Kitsune Woodsman, aspiring leader.



High Concept: Kitsune Hunter
Motoshi’s mother was a kitsune, and that’s perfectly fine for him. Living in the woods for nearly two decades has taught him a thing or two as well.
Trouble: Hermetic Wildman
Motoshi has spent most of his life living in relative seclustion in the narlmarches, as such he knows very little about the world outside of the woods and even less about how to act in ‘civilized’ society.

Canine Loyalty
Trusting his friends for him means quite a bit to him, even if they don’t seem to grasp the complete trust he has for them at times. That said, he will sometimes believe what someone says without question… if he trusts them enough.
Animal Instinct
His Kitsune background gives him an inhuman instinct level. He can sometimes sense danger and has a knack for detecting severe weather. On the other hand, feral instinct is a hard thing to suppress at times.
Scion in Exile
Motoshi’s father was someone of quite impressive stature in the civilized world. His father was a member of quite a noble family. As such his existence is a threat to several powerful and influential people, people who would be more than willing to see him dead given the chance. His noble blood does however, shine through at times granting him sparks of passion and leadership that betray his heritage.


Superb (4) Marksman
Great (3) Notice, Rapport and Survival
Fair (2) Fighting, Stealth, and Athletics
Average (1) Will, Physique, Empathy, and Investigation


Canine features go a long way in tracking down foes. +2 for Survival when following tracks.
Feral Stalker
Like an animal ready to pounce, few can see him coming and rarely know from where he will strike. +2 applied to stealth when stalking a foe.
Deal Maker
Motoshi is unusually skilled in aspects related to exchanges, especially involving money. He gains a +2 when negotiating deals, contracts, trade agreements etc.
Born to Lead
His heritage plays a part in leadership ability. +2 Rapport when speaking to those that look to him for guidance.


Special items:
Armor crafted from the hide of Tuskgutter
Cloak of Elvenkind

Hunted the White Stag


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