Oleg Leveton

Owner of the Trading Post


Proprietor of Oleg’s Trading Post
Oleg is the owner and founder of Oleg’s Trading Post and has used his skills in mercantile to keep the place successful even as it recovers from its devastating bandit troubles
“Bastard bloody nobles”
Oleg has a rather deep seated resentment for the noble houses of Brevoy, considering them to be little more than squabbling children with too much power. After seeing how the common man can get dragged into this petty backstabbing Oleg has left the cities of Brevoy behind him.
Married to Svetlana
Oleg is fiercely loyal to his wife Svetlana, a beautiful woman a good decade younger than him who he is frequently heard to say he does not deserve. He will do anything to keep her safe.


Oleg Leveton is a large and powerfully built man with bright red hair flecked with gray that extends down to a rather impressive set of sideburns. His expression is fixed in a seemingly permanent frown which makes him rather unapproachable but as everyone has experienced this gruff demeanor does not run particularly deep.

He left the comforts of the city for the outskirts of Brevoy after growing sick and tired of the political machinations within the country. Him and his wife departed after purchasing an old ruined fort which they quickly re purposed into a trading post. Most of their trade is done with local hunters and trappers, selling them equipment and the occasional night in a comfortable bed whilst buying their skins and hides.

After the incident with the bandits Oleg now is spending a lot of time working as an accountant for the small settlement that has sprung up outside the fortress walls, it’s hard to tell how he truly feels about this development. On one hand he seems to enjoy this influx of money and trade but on the other this could spell a return of the things he and Svetlana left the city to avoid.

Oleg Leveton

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