The Stag Lord

Bandit Leader


Leader of Bandits
The Stag Lord has successfully rounded up all the bandits in the Green Belt under his command, a not insignificant feat that shows his leadership skills. He rules them uncontested and in less than a year has established himself as the scourge of the region.

Peerless Marksman
The Stag Lord is an incredibly skilled marksman, his archery skills nearing on the supernatural as demonstrated by the shot he made at the confrontation at the logging camp.

Helm of the Stag Lord
The Stag Lord wear’s a helm made from the skull of a fanged stag, Kressle believes it to be magical in some form.

Solace at the Bottom of a Keg
According to Kressle, the Stag Lord has spent a lot of time recently drowning his melancholy in truuly staggering amounts of alcohol. It turns out this is less relevant now that he is sober and holds a grudge against the heroes but if her could be convinced to drink again he may be a little easier to deal with.

Survival of the Fittest
The Stag Lord has a rather dark outlook on life it seems, having no sympathy for his victims or the vitcims of his bandits and blaming them for their own weakness.


The Stag Lord

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