FateMaker: Stolen Land

A Brief History of Everything

Be it so known that the bearer of this charter has been charged by the Swordlords of Restov, acting upon the greater good and authority vested within them by the office of the Regent of the Dragonscale Throne, has granted the right of exploration and travel within the wilderness region known as the Greenbelt. Exploration should be limited to an area no further than thirty-six miles east and west and sixty miles south of Oleg’s Trading Post. The carrier of this charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful behavior to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentant banditry remains, as always, execution by sword or rope. So witnessed on this 24th day of Calistril, under watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov and authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent od the Dragonscale Throne.

- Charter of Exploration, issued on the 24th Calistril, 4710 Absalom Reckoning

The party set out from Restov and headed south west to Oleg’s Trading Post. The group consisting of the Mercenary Captain George Emkin, The Native Hunter Motoshi, The Psionic Brawler Isa Viraj Manujyestha and the Elven Farseer Taldeer Ulthran. Upon their arrival they discovered that the post was being extorted by bandits being lead by a hatchet wielding woman name’d Kressle who on her first visit had wounded Oleg and stolen Svetlana’s Ring.

The party agree to help and deal with the first wave of bandits, lead by the now deceased Happy Bydon who turn up to take their monthly cut of the goods. They are quickly defeated by the party, Happs and two others being left alive as the party agrees to adopt the policy of letting the one who strikes the incapacitating blow decide the man’s fate. Happs agrees to reveal the location of the camp as long at Kressle is spared, as the two are apparently lovers.

- The Thorn River Bandit Camp -

The party left to assault the camp but Taldeer Ulthran decided to take the initiative and “disrupt” the bandits whilst Motoshi and Isa stayed at the camp and discovered each other’s respective secrets, becoming lovers. Meanwhile Taldeer headed into the bandit camp disguised as an innocent and confused traveller, setting herself up to be raped by the bandits at the camp. Given her considerable skill and surprising stamina she managed to incapacitate the entire camp with the exception of Kressle who had been resting inside the cabin. George Emkin meanwhile waited at the edge of the camp, waiting for an opportunity to step in and deal with any remaining bandits. Kressle was defeated.

George Emkin successfully managed to get information on the bandits at large from Kressle, who revealed the existence of The Stag Lord. He managed to use his silver tongue to get the bandit lieutenant to break her ties and join him, despite her skepticism. Once they returned to Oleg’s Trading Post a number of the bandits attempted to break free, one of them managing to flee into the Narlmarches. George Emkin, Kressle and Happs chase after them in one group whilst Motoshi and Isa Viraj Manujyestha return to the Bandit Camp in an attempt to head him off. Happs betrays George in the woods and leads him into a Wolf Den, believing that George has stolen Kressle’s heart, not realizing that Kressle never considered their relationship even remotely serious. Eventually Happs was defeated by George and Kressle and the bandit was caught by the other group. One the way back George finally managed to convince Kressle to trust him, resulting in the ex-bandit falling for him. During their travels through the woods they came across an old hermit who when by the name Kazimir living in the woods, apparently a retired warrior of some sort.

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The party then headed further south to slay Tuskgutter, an enormous boar living to the south who has been attacking travelers and trappers. The party worked together with another group of trappers to bring the beast down and in his lair they found Khaldun, an ancient suit of living armour claiming to date back to Ancient Azlant. The trappers ended up taking the head as well as a great deal of the hide to sell whilst Khaldun joined the party.

- The Temple -

When the party returned they discovered a great number of people had been sent down from Restov as George had organized earlier with enough supplies to build a small outpost for the group. Lead by Raddick, the pilgrims got to work setting up a small tent city outside Oleg’s Trading Post. With them came Jhod Kaven, a Cleric of Erastil who had been guided down south by a vision of a ruined temple deep in the woods, guarded by an immense ans twisted bear. The party headed into the woods to find the temple and discovered the retired warrior battling the bear, clearly losing and on the verge of death. The party had to restore the flow of the sacred waters of the temple whilst holding off the bear as, without a blade anointed by said holy waters, the bear could never be slain. They were successful, managing to destroy the fountain’s blockage so Kazimir could bless the sword. With the rest of the party working to distract the bear George was able to pierce its heart with the blessed blade and slay the beast.

The bear, upon it’s death reverted to the form of an old man before crumbling to dust. Kazimir revealed that the bear was his brother who betrayed Erastil and abandoned the temple he had sworn to protect. Erastil cursed him to protect the temple until someone came back to this part of the Stolen Lands, unfortunately the beast soon went mad and began attacking /anyone/ who tried to reclaim the temple. Eventually Kazimir returned to attempt to slay the beast but each time they would fight to a standstill with Kazimir unable to slay the beast and the beast unable to bring himself to kill his brother even in his madness. With the player’s success the temple was restored and now Jhod and Kazimir are working to restore it to its former glory.

- The Banquet and The Stag Lord -

The player’s returned to Oleg’s Trading Post to rest and recuperate, during this time the party was invented to a dinner hosted by Raddick at which a number of influential nobles and merchants would be present. The entire party attended with the exception of Isa. Guests included (Some huge historian Orlovsky guy, currently Mikhael), (Some retired general dude), (some daughter of the Medvyed family, Kate) and (that one merchant asshole, he’s now Luka). Khaldun managed to entertain and intrigue with both the novelty of his existence and a few stories from my history, Mikhael in particular. George spent most of his dinner attempting to hobnob with the various assorted nobles to build contacts. Taldeer found a handsome noble son named Felix who he spent most of the dinner talking to. Motoshi was seduced by Kate who managed to trigger his animal instincts which resulted in the two of them being /busy/ during the following events.

Luka had brought two Medusae to the party, when questioned by George he implied that they were pleasure slaves. At this point George slapped Luka and challenged him to a duel, Taldeer managed to bait Luka into accepting a duel immediately rather than allowing him to return home to get the family’s famous duelist second to take his place. George defeated him in a swift and brutal manner, obtaining the Medusa twins, Euryale and Stheno and gaining the approval of a great deal of the assembled nobles who considered bringing pleasure slaves to a banquet to be extraordinarily distasteful. Taldeer meanwhile was taken by Felix back to his tent where he drugged and raped her, revealing his identity to be false and leaving Taldeer tied to the underside of a Dire Wolf for a day and a night as the party was absent the next day to handle the logging camp which had been established at the Thorn River Camp.

Whilst they were in the south they fended off an attack by more of The Stag Lord’s bandits, led by a bulky minotaur-like man. After his defeat it was revealed that his enormous minotaurish frame was a result of a pair of magical bracers. Kressle tries these on and discovers that the bracers affect women different, taking on cow-like features and discovering the bracers could not actually be removed. The group evacuated the camp of the loggers and Kressle was sent with them to make sure they weren’t ambushed on the way. Shortly afterwards The Stag Lord appeared, after a brief introduction George managed to negotiate a temporary treaty. The Stag Lord would not attack the Trading Post for a month, in return George would not bring in mercenaries from the north or form a militia. The Stag Lord left, putting an arrow through George’s hand as a parting gift at some 200 feet away through dense forest before disappearing.

The party eventually returned to find Taldeer and took her to the bunkhouse to recover.

- Kobolds vs Mites -

Local reports of the Sootscale Kobolds in the south becoming increasingly rowdy and belligerent, recently looting a damaged cart. At this rate it wouldn’t be long before they start attacking travellers, as such the Swordlords officially requested that they deal with the Kobolds through any means necessary. The party head south and discover the Kobold Lair and Gavril Vasilov who is being held at bay by a kobold guard, accusing him of being weird. Gavril introduced himself to, and then joined the party as they tried to get a meeting with the Chieftain of the tribe. They found out that the tribe had been at war with a group of Mites. The mites had stolen the fertility idol that the tribe’s new Shaman, a purple scaled kobold by the name of Tartuk, which the tribe had been using to replenish their numbers. The party agrees to retrieve the idol and defeat the mites to secure an alliance with the kobolds.

The party head north to the woods surrounding The Great Sycamore, the landmark under which the mites had allegedly constructed their lair. They were ambushed and captured by Saytr who had mistaken them for mites. After negotiation they agreed to let the party go if they went to the mite’s lair and recovered the Saytr hostages that they’d taken. In order to make sure that they completed their end of the bargain the Saytr took Isa as a ‘guest’ whilst the others went to deal with the Mites. The party moved on the the Mite lair while Isa was swiftly enchanted and brought under the Saytr control, during this time she was forced to accept a fey contract that made her their property for a century.

The party went down into the Great Sycamore into the Mite’s lair, finding them to be disappointingly incompetent and surprisingly cruel as they discovered their prison. A number of dead kobolds hung from the walls as well as a number of female fey that had been captured using the power of the stolen fertility idol which had also been used to transform the captured saytr into women. The party freed then and then cleared out the rest of the mite lair including an enormous centipede and a their leader riding a giant tick. Motoshi was briefly transformed into a woman as a result by the leader of the mite wielding the fertility idol. Taldeer ended up binding herself accidentally with the idol, communing the nature spirit within. Isa meanwhile temporarily regained her senses and challenged the Prince of the Saytr to be a duel, an enormous vicious beast of a saytr wielding a magic spear who defeated her handily and reestablished the saytr’s control over her.

The party returned to the camp to find Isa under the Saytr’s thrall, the Prince claiming that she had agreed to the fey contract of her own free will and she was now theirs. The party defeated the Prince, George being brought extremely close to the death by the Prince’s heart seeking spear before the shield was sundered by Motoshi’s arrows and Gavril dealt a wounding blow. The Prince fled into the woods but Motoshi and Gavril tracked him down, Motoshi castrating him in revenge for what he had done to Isa and then leaving him to fend for himself.

The Saytr as a whole were relieved to see the Prince driven off, apparently he ruled through fear and through of his contacts to other powerful fey. In recompense the Saytr threw a party in honour of the heroes. George’s wounds were healed, Isa was freed from Fey influence and Motoshi was returned to his original gender. Rested and restored to health the party returned to the Kobold Lair in order to return the idol, when they returned Tartuk revealed his true motives as he planned to destroy the Kobold Tribe as he had done with many others. He had not in fact been born a Kobold and was actually a gnome who died trying to aid a group of agres in the destruction of his home town. The town, thinking that he had been trying to stop the Ogres, performed a reincarnation spell had turned him into a Kobold. Driven mad with self loathing and hatred for the people of the town he infiltrated a nearby Kobold tribe and manipulated it into attacking the town. By the end both the townsfolk and the Kobolds were all killed and Tartuk was the only one remaining, he then continued to go from tribe to tribe, leading them to their destruction.

After the party refused to ally with him he used his power over the idol to abuse the link between it and Taldeer, controlling her like a puppet and using her as a human shield. George and Gavril worked together to overcome Tartuk and eventually he was defeated and after much deliberation as to his fate, was killed. The party managed to successfully forge an alliance with the Sootscale Clan and then left to return to Oleg’s Trading Post.


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