Oleg's Trading Post

An old border fort that is just on the edges of Brevoy. Since Oleg and Svetlana have been here, it acts as a central point for the few people who live in this wilderness. Never more than a stockade with a small tower at each it provides basic accommodation. More recently Oleg’s Trading Post has served for the hub for the recent developments in the Green Belt.

The Structure
The walls are a 10 foot high palisade, while the towers are 20 feet tall. There is a walkway around the walls and across the towers about 4 feel below the top, so that defenders have some cover, but can still see what is going on. The towers are roughly 20 feet square and open at the back.

The largest building on site it is 50’ by 25’ and has five good sized stalls – for 2sp per night you can stable a horse here. The price includes a decent feed and a complementary rub down. The second largest building in the outpost and is home to Oleg and Svetlana. This is where they sleep and spend most of the day as well as containing the office and the main storerooms.

The guest house is an old barrack house – one single room with enough bunk beds to sleep twelve people. There is little or no privacy, but it is warm and dry – the beds are basic, but they are clean and reasonably comfortable. 5sp a day gets you a bed, a simple breakfast and a bowl of stew for dinner.

Oleg Leveton
Svetlana Levelton
Kesten Garess

Oleg's Trading Post

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