The Green Belt

The Green Belt is one of the four main sections of the Stolen Lands, considered by most to be the least immediately dangerous. It is bordered by the marshes of the Hooktongue Slough to the west and the mountained Nomen Heights to the east. It is currently being explored and colonized by a number of adventuers sent by the mayor of Restov.

Northern Rivers
The Thorn River runs southeast from the Narlmarches to join the Shrike River and eventually lead into the Tuskwater Lake in the center of the Green Belt. The Thorn River Logging Camp is located along this river near the edge of the Narlmarches.

The Skunk River is volcanic, it source apparently being a hotspring somewhere within the northern Narlmarches. It runs south, west of the Thorn River before eventually connecting up with the Tuskwater Lake. It’s name comes from the rather sulfurous smell that emanates from it along its northern length.

The Shrike River runs from the Nomen Heights in the northeast, eventually connecting to the Thorn River and then joining the Tuskwater. There river apparently runs furhter southwest after the lake and continues on through the River Kingdoms. There is said to be a bridge no the northeastern stretch.

The Narlmarches/The Narlmarch Woods
The Narlmarches (Also known as The Narlmarch Woods) is an enormous forest on the western edge of the Green Belt which bifurcates the Stolen Lands. The Narlmarches spreads across the lowlands of the region and feature craggy hills, lazy streams, deep ravines, and a great variety of trees, including oak, beech,

The region hosts a rich variety of wildlife as well, with elk, rivercats (a cousin to the bobcat, with a strange sort of mossy-fur), black bears, many large rodents, boars, and brush thyclacines. Stranger still are the giant owls, will-o’-wisps, owlbears, and aggressive vegetation. Gangs of trolls range the southern edge of the forest, closer to Lake Candlemere, and the ruins of many bandit hideouts dot the landscape as well, leading to rumors of long lost riches and fantastic treasures. The forest is also renowned for its unually large number of Fey within it.

The Kamelands
The Kamelands lie along the eastern edge of the Stolen Lands. Characterized by rolling hills of brown and yellow, the landscape is notable for its many rocky mounds known as kames. Grasses in the Kamelands grow quite tall—sometimes up to 4 feet—and present a difficult barrier to both travel and settlement in the region.

Among the high grass and rocky hills rise the mysterious kames, mounds of ancient stone and debris. The kames together form great,— strange patterns, suggesting waymarkers, barrows, and long-destroyed walls and foundations.

Very few animals live in the Kamelands; its rare occupants include rodents, snakes, foxes, hares, and wolves. Wyverns are known to fly over the region, and boars, bears, and even owlbears sometimes travel in from the forests to the east. Horses of the region are much valued (and highly expensive) for their strength, speed, and sure-footedness.

The Green Belt

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